Customer Success Standards


Service Standard and Guarantee: We commit to you in writing that we will perform the following duties when managing your property. 


General Standards: 

  1. We will follow and adhere to all NAPRM ethical guidelines and codes of conduct 
  2. We will return all emails from clients and residents within one business day
  3. We will operate in a professional and courteous manner at all times 
  4. We will communicate with our clients and residents in a transparent and professional manner. 
  5. We will answer the phone when you call us! 
  6. We will act in your best interest at all times.
  7. We will maintain our processes, policies, and procedures for compliance and completeness on an ongoing basis.


Marketing your property for rent

  1. One of our representatives will conduct all showings; we do not give out keys or lockbox codes to prospective residents.
  2. We will conduct an unlimited number of showings until the property is rented
  3. We will respond to all prospective resident inquiries immediately.
  4. We will handle all showings in a professional and courteous manner


  1. We will screen every application according to our screening criteria and in compliance with Federal, state, and local laws. 
  2. We will maintain lease documents, lease addendums, lead certs, and property registrations for you to view in your portal. 
  3. We will renew leases on an annual basis 
  4. We will secure the best possible resident for your property. 
  5. We will perform a detailed move-in inspection at the start of the tenancy 


Rent Collection: 

  1. We have a zero-tolerance late rent policy and will handle late rent in accordance with our policy and procedures. 
  2. We will file FTPR actions on any resident who falls behind in rent
  3. We will disburse rental proceeds on the 10th of the month or the next business day.  Additional proceeds that we may collect will be disbursed every Friday thereafter.

Repairs and Maintenance: 

  1. All emergency maintenance will be addressed immediately. 
  2. All reasonable steps will be taken to get you the best price for the highest quality of work performed.
  3. You will be provided a copy of invoices for work performed via your portal. 
  4. You will have access to your portal to view any ongoing or closed maintenance issues for your property. 
  5. We will ask all residents to rate the assigned vendor after the work was done to ensure highest level of customer service was provided. 
  6. We will communicate all urgent repairs to you as they are reported 
  7. We will ask you for approval for maintenance work that exceeds our limit.