Applicant FAQs

Assuming that you submitted a complete application, the entire process takes a maximum of 3 business days

You will need the following to apply:

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Paystubs or two years of tax returns if you are self-employed
  • A complete application and application fee paid

Yes! Some of our properties do allow pets. Please check out our pet policy 

Below is an overview of our Application Screening Criteria. For the detailed screening guidelines, please click here!

  • Rental History Criteria:
    1. We require that the Prospective Resident have 0 evictions on record in the last five (5) years. Each Prospective Resident, if separately living previously, is required to provide proof of rent payments of the last 3 months' rent prior to ending their previous lease. If previously living together, proof of rent payment must be submitted with the previous lease indicating their names and affix signatures along with the last three (3) months of proof of rent payment.
    2. Click here for more information


  • Income Requirement Criteria:
    1. HomeWorks Property Management LLC accepts all forms of verifiable income as required by law.  Our policy is that Prospective Residents have a minimum gross monthly income of 2.7 times the monthly rent. If the applicant doesn’t meet this standard rent-to-income requirement, this will result in a co-signer requirement, or the application will be denied.
    2. Click here for more information


  • Public Records Criteria:
    1. An eviction and criminal records search will be conducted as part of the screening process.
    2. Click here for more information


  • Credit History Criteria:
    1. Various factors from the credit report are used as screening criteria including the following:● All property requires a 590 or above fico score. If the Prospective Resident has a score below this, it will result in an increased deposit or cosigner requirement.
    ● A bankruptcy discharge will result in an increased deposit of 100%
    ● A paid rental collection and/or judgment will result in a cosigner requirement or the denial of the application.
    ● The final recommendation will also be dependent on income, rental, and public records.
    ● No More than three late payments to a creditor in a 12-month period
    ● No More than Two delinquent accounts
    ● Applications noting Chapter 13 bankruptcy will be accepted with payment plan documentation. Monthly payments outlined in the plan will be added to the debt-to-income calculation.2. Click here for more information

Yes. You need to submit an application as well for any animal that will live on the property with you. The cost for pet screening is $20.00 for the 1st pet and $15 for the 2nd pet. Service animals are screened free of charge. Click here for more information about our Pet Application Guidelines and Policy.

  • Incomplete application, evictions, collections from landlords, credit score below 590, insufficient income, and unqualified occupants.
  • Within the last 7 years, any felonies of illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, felonies resulting in bodily harm or intentional damage or destruction of property for example, "arson".
  • Any sexual-related offenses.

Security Deposit
Can be equivalent to 1-month rent or 2-month rent, depending on the application result.

First-Month Rent
Payment for the rent for the first month.

Lease Preparation Fee
$25 one-time payment for lease processing.

First-Month Lease Admin Fee
Payment for the Lease Admin Fee for the first month. This can be waived when enrolled in the Residents Benefits Package.

Pet Fee
$150/pet one-time non-refundable pet fee.

First-Month Pet Rent
$30/pet payment for the pet rent for the first month.

Yes, a limit of 2 occupants per bedroom. A child 6 years old and below is allowed to be a 3rd occupant in a bedroom.

Example: A 2-bedroom Rental Unit can have a maximum of 4 occupants that are 7 years old and above and a maximum of 2 occupants that are 6 years old and below.