30 Day Rental Guarantee

We guarantee that we will place a quality resident in your property within 30 days of the property being listed for rent, or we will waive two months of management fees. The last thing we want is to have a property sit on the market for 60,90, or even 100 days. As this is a major concern for many of our clients we have implemented our 30 day rental guarantee. We guarantee that we will find the right tenant for your home within 30 days from the list date or your monthly management fees for the 2nd and 3rd month will be FREE. Now, we must insist that you allow us to choose the rental price.

Our conditions for the 30 Day Rental Guarantee:

  • HomeWorks will set the rental price
  • ¬†HomeWorks has the final say on the Rental price
  • The home must be vacant
  • Must allow approved pets (Maximum of 2)
  • The home must be otherwise ready for tenants